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    If I had to choose a poster child for Rising Star, Jonah would be at the top of the list. Brecka and I got to know him shortly after coming to Uganda. I didn’t notice him much at first, then one day this kid comes to our house and hands me a note. I’d gotten notes from kids in Uganda a few times before and they basically would almost always end up asking for some sort of money from us. This note however was different. It said thank you for helping. Since we got that note, we got to know...
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Blog Updates from Our Director

Impacting Lives Through Soccer

Soccer is a tool Rising Star uses to reach out to the community, but it's not the end goal. See how Rising Star has impacted the life of a boy we call Fufa.

On The Field-Episode 2

On The Field takes a look at the lives of Rising Star Ministries founders, Matt and Brecka Arnett, as missionaries serving in Uganda. The Arnett’s spend a lot of time on the soccer field. This episode explores the different aspects of the Rising Star soccer programs and the impacts it has on the community and their family. 

Stanbic Bank Donates

Over 60% of children in Uganda don’t know how to read. Stanbic Bank made a donation of 10,000,000 UGX to help the Rising Star Reading Center, that  is giving hope to children in Uganda by providing resources that empower them academically.Interested in supporting our work? Become a monthly partner or click on the link to make a donation https://goo.gl/i27Mbe

Who We Are

We are a sports and education ministry working to end poverty in Uganda by empowering young people from low income communities through academic, spiritual and physical education. Want to support our work? Click here to become a monthly partner or to donate.