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Mission Opportunities

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Are you interested in doing mission work in Uganda? Fill out the application form. Opportunities in education and sports.

Because of the much documented harsh effects of short term mission works, Rising Star is very selective of our missionaries, based on need to the organization.

What to Expect


Important Information


Summer clothing is appropriate with the high temperatures and humidity. Please wear modest clothing. Please bring shoes that are comfortable for walking and soccer shoes. DO NOT wear any jewelry that has sentimental value, however you will want to wear something that signifies you are married.


You will want to use unscented items if at all possible to help cut down on bug attractions. Hot showers will be available at our hotel.


We will stay in a hotel about 1 mile from the Rising Star Center. The hotel has hot showers, backup generators and serves cold drinks and meals.


A yellow fever vaccination is required to enter Uganda.  We also recommend having a typhoid vaccination along with hepatitis A & B vaccines.  Malaria prophylactic highly recommended, Larium and Doxycyline is what we have found most effective in Uganda. We suggest you go to www.cdc.gov/travel to see the recommended immunizations, medical precautions, as well as handling the prescription medication you may be bringing with you. These immunizations are typically available at your County Health Department at cost or at any Travel Clinic. We advise you to have a current Tetanus Shot as well.


Three meals a day will be provided. We also recommend you pack snacks such as granola bars or peanuts.  Food however is easily accessible.


We ask that your checked luggage be donated items that can be used for the ministry such as sports equipment or school supplies. You should be able to fit your clothing and personal items in a rolling carryon. However, due to the tightened restrictions, please check with the airline on toiletries allowed in carry-on. It might be necessary for you to pack some things in your checked luggage. If you do not have enough supplies to donate, we will provide you with some.


It is best to bring cash. Traveler’s checks are difficult to exchange and credit cards are only accepted in some places. Take only 50’s or 100’s with a date of 2010 or newer. You will not need much, only some for personal spending.

Travel Information


It is required to have a passport valid for at least 6 months after your departure date to travel to and from Uganda. Forms are available online as well as at your local post office. To find the information needed you can go to travel.state.gov/passport on the web.


You will be required to fill out a customs form on the plane before you arrive in Uganda. The address you should put on this form will be provided to you by your team leader. You will pay for your visa with cash upon arriving in Uganda.  The cost is $100 which can be raised as part of your support.


When traveling to other countries you will find the airports are not the same as in the States. Upon arrival, there will be lots of people waiting outside to “help you” with your bags. However, do not be deceived, you will be paying for this. It can be very overwhelming if you are unaware. Some of them wait there all day to make some money so be prepared, it’s pretty hectic. Follow the lead of your team leader.  We will have designated Rising Star staff pick you up from the airport.  Any staff will wear be wearing a Rising Star Ministries shirt.

Final Note

There are no public restrooms, so there may be occurrences of people relieving themselves on the streets. Also the modesty is different in Uganda than in the States so be prepared to see more than you’re used to.

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