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KIABI AGNES N. – Administrator


Kiabi Agnes is my name, I am married to Mr. Kiabi Michael, we have one beautiful daughter called Blessing Abriannah, and she is in baby class.

I came at Rising Star on February 18th, 2012, which means I have been here for 5years and 7months.

I work as an administrator and what I love most about Rising star is the interaction with mothers, preaching to them about Jesus and bringing hope in their lives.

My favorite memory at Rising Star was when we travelled to some place in Entebbe.

KATO JOHN SSERUNKUMA – Administrative Assistant/Coach


I am 22yrs and single. I joined Rising Star in 2008 as a Rising Star kid, I grew up under the ministry well mentored by Matt and Brecka Arnett.

I cant forget to recognize other coaches who also mentored me through education, football, Christianity and taught me the good discipline.

I now work under Rising Star as a volunteer coach and in other duties like teaching discipline and education to the children.

What I love most about Rising Star is the continued support we give to the community especially a chance to the kids to participate in soccer, education, spiritual wise and discipline wise.

This has natured them to grow into morally upright children.

My favorite memory was when I received a college scholarship to continue with my studies.

Not forgetting also a chance I was given to go to Golf course hotel to have a lunch.

TEZIGWA KENROGERS – Goalkeeping Coach

Am married with one beautiful daughter called Louisa and my wife Ajio Lillian is a national netball player who has represented Uganda at the World Cup.

I have spent 11 months with Rising Star and what I love about it, is the people who are so cooperative and easy to associate with.

I work as a goalkeeping coach at Rising Star and my favorite memory is when we went for a Christmas party at Pizza Hut which was really fun and I enjoyed every minute of it.



I was born in 1986, single and currently staying at wampeewo. I joined Rising  Star in 2010 as a volunteer coach for U-13 and U-12 teams.

I was not paid but later after a year, I started to be given transport allowance of Shs3000 then after 2 years I started being paid a salary of Shs25000.

I now also coach the U-11 Rising Star Elite’s side at lugogo.

What I love about Rising Star is the way am treated and my good relationship with other employees.

Also the experience I have got from the other great coaches like coach Yusuf, coach Ashraf and Simon.

My favorite memory at Rising Star is when I received a contract of six months and started getting a monthly salary.

NTAMBI DORIAN – Sports Coordinator

Iam Ntambi Dorian married to beautiful lady by the name of Vivian and we eagerly expecting our first child this October.

I’ve been working with rising star since May 2010 as the sports coordinator.

I love the look of enlightenment on a child’s face when they comprehend something. Either when they gets a math concept right or tries something new on the pitch and it works out.

My favorite memory at Rising Star is when I had to leave the team in a camp at Entebbe for my introduction ceremony but the kids would not let me leave.

NAKATO OLYVIA – Education Assistant

I am a young adult, not married. I joined rising star on June 5th, 2017 and I have been around for four months.

Am the education coordinator at the organization where I teach the ministries children phonics, reading and bible class.

What I love about Rising Star is that it gives the children hope in life. Their spiritual life which is most important is nurtured.

Their education is taken care of and they get to do what they enjoy. Their talents in football is nurtured regardless of the different background which is an amazing thing.

My favorite memory is the biography presentations for last holiday program. To me that kind of assignment looked like it wasn’t meant for primary school children but Matt Arnett said they could handle and he believed they could pull it off.

So we went to work, worked hard at it and the day of presentations was amazing, I was so proud of the children.

They still come back and read about the personalities that where not their assignment.

And last Saturday, after bible study, four of the kids that were in attendance gave their lives to Christ. My heart leaped with joy because in our month that’s the first time.