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Give your end of year Christmas gift today. Funds will help pay for school supplies, help us throw a Christmas party, send kids to soccer camp and much more.

What Makes Rising Star Different?
We’re not a typical aid organization to Africa. Most education programs are sponsorship based. This means many kids are still getting left behind. Sponsorship programs also create a dependency for families on their sponsors. Sometimes it creates jealousy between family members, even within the same home.

Instead, Rising Star uses a reward-based system that is open to the entire community. The first reward is often the one the kids want the most, soccer. Kids earn the chance to use soccer equipment for training and matches. The soccer program has helped over 65 kids earn scholarships to schools across Uganda. This reduces the burden families have to pay for school fees.

Besides soccer, kids have the chance to earn many other rewards such as school supplies and reward trips. The kids get to choose the rewards they earn. We believe this system teaches the benefits of hard work, which they will carry on for their entire life.

Everyone in Welcome

The gospel message was not meant for perfect Christians, instead for people seeking salvation. All kids are welcome to be a part of our loving family. We have over 800 kids a week who use the Rising Star Education Center; about 200 of them participate in our soccer program.

How We’re Funded

We don’t have big corporate support. We’re funded by a number of individuals who love what the Lord is doing through this ministry. We rely on your support to continue changing lives. Whether you choose to be a monthly partner or would like to make a one time gift, we truly value your support.