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If I had to choose a poster child for Rising Star, Jonah would be at the top of the list. Brecka and I got to know him shortly after coming to Uganda. I didn’t notice him much at first, then one day this kid comes to our house and hands me a note. I’d gotten notes from kids in Uganda a few times before and they basically would almost always end up asking for some sort of money from us. This note however was different. It said thank you for helping.

Since we got that note, we got to know Jonah a better. He was always the first at our center to play games, to learn, and of course play soccer. He became a leader at through our programs. He was the captain of his age group throughout the years. His age group that had the most successful soccer year ever, losing only one game the whole year back in 2011. He went on to be Rising Star’s highest scorer in our program history.

He’s never lost love for the game or for Rising Star. He now coaches and mentors our younger players. He is the captain of our senior team that plays in Uganda’s league system.

Through his participation, he has involved his entire family, a rare thing for parents to be as involved as his are. I remember visiting his humble home and his younger brothers would be running around playing. His mother would always welcome me into their home and serve a soda and cake from the nearby shops.

Today two of his younger brother also play at Rising Star, his mother cares for a plot of land that we own and have a small garden on. His father works in construction and is one of the first people we call when we have a building project.

Though his family lives in humble circumstances, they have taught Jonah to be thankful for every opportunity and he has taken advantage of his chances. There is not a harder working child that has come through Rising Star.

In March he will have the chance to travel to the US to try out for Detroit City FC and at least three other teams. We know he will make the most out of every chance he gets. Pray for his success and God’s glory to shine through.

We would love to have your help in making Jonah’s journey possible. Our goal is to raise $3,000 to cover his plane tickets, meals, transportation and more while he is in the US. Click the link to support Jonah’s once in a lifetime opportunity.