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DSCN7600 (2)Marvin has never been to school and he nor his father know how old he is. We’d guess around 9.

He lives in a small room with mother and father. On this day his father was home and it was apparent that he had been drinking most of the day. Though he was intoxicated, the father still welcomed us as visitors.

The father told us that he sometimes works but makes only about 1000 shillings a day (about 40 cents) by calling people to get on the taxis. The mother was away working in somebody’s garden. He told us they can’t afford for Marvin to go to school and so the boy spends most of the day loitering around.

We invited the father to church and he promised he would come. He also asked to pray for him as he wants to leave alcohol and find better work.

Though Marvin is at time unruly, he still hope for a bright future at Rising Star where our staff is teaching him the basics of reading and writing and hoping to help Marvin get back to the level of school he needs to be at and when he does, we’ll be there to help him succeed in that level too.