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Nganda comes from a family of four children, he is in primary four (third grade). He lives with his grandfather while his siblings stay at home with their mother. The grandfather requested for a helping hand because he had been diagnosed with diabetes, he also had a stroke that left his left hand paralyzed.

Nganda and his grandfather stay in a one roomed house and part of the space is being used as a shop, which is their main source of income. Nganda has an uncle who makes bricks, that once in a while he lends a helping hand when he passes by and gives them some money that takes them for a couple of days.

Nganda and his grandfather sometimes struggle to get food and at times they go to bed without supper. Nganda is also asthmatic, but does not own an inhaler, so he struggles during the rainy cooler seasons.

The only person they are relying on is God with faith that sooner or later help will come their way.

The family is grateful to rising star because during weekends, instead of Nganda roaming around with other kids around the village, he spends his time at the academy where he also plays football that he loves so much.