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What is the Rising Star Cup?

The Rising Star Cup began in 2010 to help show that football in Uganda can be played in at a high level to international standards. The tournament was created when the director of Rising Star Recreational and Education Center noticed that most tournaments in Uganda are poorly organized and the standards were not high, which meant the children playing would not develop their skills to the best of their ability.

The Rising Star Cup uses international standards of play; including field size, ball size, and goal size to make sure children are competing at a level that will help them mature in football in a proper way and grow at a comfortable pace. Many other tournaments will use fields that are too big for young children or the wrong size equipment.

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The Rising Star Cup is not just about football. Each team will camp from Yesu Akwagala S.S. Masulita. Each day they will be fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the morning all the participants will go to enrichment classes where they will learn things about hygiene, respect, health and more. As we talk to the participants about being healthy, we must also feed them in such a way. Where many other tournaments cut costs by feeding posho and beans on a daily basis, The Rising Star Cup is committed to teaching about eating healthy. Kids are fed a well-balanced meal three times a day that include fruit and vegetables.

Not only are the kids given enrichment classes, the coaches will spend the morning hours in class as well. They will be trained on the ethics and values of coaching and working with children. The coaches class will help improve football in Uganda by teaching proper methods of development for children’s football. When the game is played at an age appropriate level, it will benefit the game as a whole in Uganda, giving us better players for the Super League and National team; making us more competitive in the international game and hopefully leading to a World Cup appearance.

As the teams come from different communities from around Uganda, we want to strengthen their efforts of being a team as well. During free time away from the pitch, teams will take part in team building exercises that are fun and creative and help build a stronger bond within them.

At most football tournaments, individual play is awarded, however at the Rising Star Cup, we focus on teamwork. We believe children need to learn to work as a team in order to strengthen our communities. This is best done through sports and when a team is rewarded for it, the community wins. Trophies are given to teams for fair play and discipline.

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At many tournaments, when the sun goes down, so does the fun. One of the unique things about the Rising Star Cup is that the party begins at sun down. Each night the participants are treated to entertainment that includes traditional dance and music, movies, and concerts.

The Rising Star Cup is quickly becoming one of the best in Uganda and in East Africa, with the help of our partners from Kasangati Child Development Center, Masulita Child Development Center, Exquisite Events Management, Smart ToTo Publishing, and Transformative Practices; it’s easy to see why The Rising Star Cup is quickly becoming one of the top football tournaments in Uganda and East Africa.

Pictures from 2016 Rising Star Cup


Past Champions
2010 – U-11 Edgar’s Youth Programme – U-13 Rising Star Ministries – U-15 Celtic
2011 – U-11 Edgar’s Youth Programme – U-13 Rising Star Ministries – U-15 Ebeneezer Ministries
2012 – No tournament was held in 2012 as the tournament moved from December to January.
2013 – U-11 Rising Star Ministries – U-13 Rising Star Ministries – U-15 Kick It – U-17 Rising Star Ministries
2014 – U-9 Rising Star Ministries – U-11 Celtic FC – U-13 Makindye Cubs – U-15 Rising Star Ministries – U-17 E-Peters
2015 – U-9 Ball Line FC – U-11 Rising Star Ministries – U13 Rising Star Ministries – U15 – U17 Terra Nova
2016 – U10 Ball Line FC – U-13 Ball Line FC – U14 Makindye Soccer Academy