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Success On and Off the Field

Since the beginning of 2011 Rising Star teams have won over 7 tournaments and finished in second place of many more. Setting Rising Star apart from the competition is the fact that are open to any children playing without cost and no children are recruited to play strictly for their soccer skills.

The U-15 teams turn heads every time they take the field, with many wondering where the kids come from and how have they become such a good team. They have been the dominant force in Ugandan football for the past two years losing only three matches; two of which the team was playing shorthanded due to injuries in the finals.

Giving the Dream

Sponsors and friends of Rising Star donate all of the equipment needed for students to train and compete, including balls, shoes, and field equipment. Every donation gives a student a dream to achieve. If your local sports program would like to donate equipment, please contact us by emailing

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