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Wilson is a 14 years old who stays with his mother and brothers. His mother (the bread winner) makes a living by selling snacks like chips on the road side in the Gayaza trading center in the evening. He has two brothers and two sisters but only lives with the brothers.

He attends a nearby public school and is currently in his senior two (approximately eighth grade level). He aspires to be an engineer in the future. The family’s major prayer request is school fees which is also one of their greatest struggles. The mother’s job is not stable and hence there is no reliable income source for the family.

Wilson joined Rising Star three years ago and it was because he loves football and reading. The programs at Rising Star offered him an opportunity to explore these passions.

He is so grateful to rising star, and I quote “It is because of Rising Star that I have improved my football skills and my reading” says young Wilson. If Rising Star wasn’t there, he would be at home or just loitering around the village without anything constructive to do.