Who We Are

Rising Star Ministries is a sports and education ministry working to end poverty in Uganda by empowering young people from low-income communities through academic, spiritual, and physical education.


Most kids come to Rising Star through our sports program. This gives children the chance to play soccer, travel to tournaments, and learn valuable life lessons like discipline, respect, teamwork and more. Many kids from Rising Star have gone on to receive scholarships to schools at all levels; reducing the high cost of education for their families so they can focus on other needs. Rising Star players have gone on to play soccer at the highest levels in their country, including the Uganda Premier League and junior national team.


Rising Star has partnered with Gayaza Church of Uganda Primary School to provide high-quality education services to the community. All children that participate in our soccer program are required to meet standards in education as well. Our library is used for reading/phonics lessons, reading time, tutoring, mentorship, and more. Additionally, some members of the community who aren’t interested in soccer also come for the same services. We also give teacher training seminars. The school also sends its 800+ students each week for additional lessons.  That means we see nearly 1,000 students a week in our education center.


The most important reason we exist is to see children and their families come to know Jesus. Each week we hold children’s Bible studies for all kids in the community. Children sing songs, learn how to pray, are taught Bible stories, and more. In addition, each lesson in our education center is started with prayer. At the end of each soccer practice, coaches take 10-15 minutes for team talk where they share their faith and pray for the children as well. Throughout the year we teach the children to serve others as Jesus would have through community service projects. Biblical teaching is integrated into everything we do to serve our community. 

Where We Work

Located 10 miles north of Uganda’s capital city of Kampala, is the town of Gayaza. The town has expanded over the years thanks to the nearby agricultural school and as people look for more space outside the bustling city. As the town grows, so do the slum areas. Rising Star works closely with the Church of Uganda Primary School, which is where many of the kids from this area attend school. Our focus is to use soccer as an instrument to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and give hope to these children by helping them develop in their education.

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