Imagine your hometown not having a little league baseball team or soccer program for your kids. What if your community had no local park or your community had no library with a summer reading program?  Most families in Uganda have no access to such precious resources and opportunities for their children.

Rising Star Ministries offers local sports leagues at a minimal cost to families. Rising Star also has a travel soccer team that trains and plays in tournaments throughout the year.  Every time student’s come to the field or court, they grow spiritually, academically and physically. They have the chance to hear about the perfect gift that God sent to us; salvation through His son Jesus Christ.

The Rising Star education center provides resources and tutoring to students in need of extra help with their schoolwork.  Because most school class sizes have over 60 students, few receive the individualized attention that they need to succeed.  Rising Star’s services give students a better opportunity for academic success.

Rising Star Ministries aims to end poverty in Uganda by helping students grow spiritually, academically and physically, giving them hope for the future and a chance to help build thriving communities.