Building Progress

Last June, nearly 1,000 kids came together at Vacation Bible eXperience (VBX) at Westside Church in Omaha, NE. As part of the weeklong event, the children were challenged to help children in Uganda by raising funds for Rising Star Ministries. The fundraising goal was set at $15,000.

That seems like of money for elementary school kids, but just as David faced the giant with boldness, they didn’t back down! They met the challenge head-on and blew the goal away; raising over $18,000!

The money was used to purchase a new piece of land that will be the future home for Rising Star. The land is a little less than half an acre and is located within the community that the ministry currently serves, making it an ideal spot for continuing our mission and vision to end poverty in Uganda.

Currently, Rising Star operates out of one room at a school in Gayaza, Uganda. While we are grateful for the space, it has become difficult to meet the needs and demands of the ministry. The space can no longer adequately accommodate the over 200 kids who currently participate in weekly activities, and the equipment storage and office spaces are also over capacity.

Rising Star plans to open a brand new ministry center which will have four times the classroom space, much needed separate office and meeting space, and plenty of storage for the equipment and materials we use to support students.  The plan includes adding computers to each classroom so that every student has the opportunity learn important skills. We are excited for this new addition, as research shows students can learn a great deal when they have access to technology. 

The multi-use facility will also include a residence for the Rising Star Executive Director and family on the top floor. It will also have sufficient space to host future volunteers and missionaries allowing them to join for short and/or long-term work.

Work has already begun. A trench was put in along the front of the property that will help the erosion that has been taking place. We hope to soon build a terraced retaining wall that will be used for planting fruit bearing trees and a security wall around the perimeter of the property before getting started on the building.

The overall cost to construct the new ministry center will be around $300,000. If you’d like to give towards the construction of the new ministry center, please click the link below. Or if you would like to bring a team to Uganda to help with part of the construction, please contact us and let us know.