Kimera’s The MVP

DSCI0256Kimera Kenneth is 13 years old and in the fifth grade. His mother owns a bar where she sells waragi (Ugandan Vodka). His family has often struggled to pay school fees.

When Kimera first came to Rising Star he dealt with many discipline issues. Our staff has always seen his potential to be a great student. Through mentoring him, Kimera has changed from a problem child to an outstanding member of the community.

Last month, Kimera was one of the players selected to play in a national tournament, representing a team of players from Kampala (Uganda’s Capitol City). He was the star of the tournament helping his team win by saving four penalty shots during a shootout and was name the Most Valuable player in the tournament.

Kimera was awarded with a one year scholarship from City Tyres in Uganda, a bicycle, and trophy. He was also selected to represent Uganda at a tournament this December is Rwanda.


Kimera (Right) Celebrates with his team after winning the U-14 Championship in Uganda

“I came to Rising Star because I wanted to improve in my academics and football. We are thankful for rising star because it has taught us how to fear God and read the Bible” said Kimera






Read More about Kimera’s accomplishments in The Daily Monitor (One of Uganda’s Biggest newspapers).

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