Rising Star Ministries

Humbly Asking For Your Support

We write this letter with a humble heart. We wanted to write and tell you we have purchased our plane tickets and our family is heading back to Uganda. We however are not. We had a great fundraising event this past Saturday in which those that came gave graciously, but our goal was not met, but a large margin. We are thankful for those who showed up, including the celebrities and restaurants/bakeries that gave their time to not only come, but make a pot of chili to share with the crowd.

So now we’re faced with the question, when will we go back to Uganda? The answer is up to you. Being a missionary requires us to have your support, both prayerfully and financially. We know it’s not easy for everybody to give lots of money, so we’re not asking that. We are simply asking for you to do something that you can do; anything that you can do.

If you can give $37 a month and meet the needs of one child, then please do that. If you can do more; that’s awesome. If $15 is all you can do a month, please realize that you are making a difference. If you have pledged to give in the past, but haven’t given, will you make today the day to uphold that promise you made? Whether it was a promise directly to us, to God, or to yourself; your gift is needed now.

See How Lives Are Being Changed Through Rising Star Ministries

We don’t need your gifts simply to get our family back to Uganda, though that is part of it. We need to make sure we are doing everything we can to care for the least, the broken, the helpless just as Jesus has called us to do. When Jesus called us to care for one another, he knew not everybody would head across the globe, he chose a few and commanded the rest of us make it possible. So make today the day that you make it possible.

So our hope to be packing bags and living in Uganda before Thanksgiving is still possible, but we need you to help us. Thank you in advance for helping us end the cycle of poverty for children in need. For those who have been faithful in following God’s calling to support this ministry, we are thankful beyond words. We ask that you pray for others to step beside you and help make it possible. Will you encourage others with us to support this ministry and tell them how lives are being changed through it?