Be Unselfie

We’ve all done it; turned the camera around to take a picture of ourselves (a selfie) or a group of friends (a groupie). But; what if we stopped worrying so much about taking selfies and lived un-selfie. It’s not natural as humans for us to do that. We are selfish people by our very nature. Typically around this time of the year we are reminded to think about others, but how often does that really happen.

DSCN2609I often think about the struggle within me to not be selfish. I think about how I could have a big house and really nice cars. I get jealous when I go to friends’ homes who have more than we do. What if I hadn’t gone off course from my video production career? Where would I be? Others who worked in the same spot I did have gone on to work for major networks like ESPN, TNT, CNN, NASCAR, The Golf Channel, and more. Could I have been one of those? What would Brecka be doing in her career?

I battle all the time, but I’m thankful that God gave me the strength to follow His calling and not mine. God gave up Heaven to make the sacrifice so I could one day live with him; I can give up a few things to make sure others know about His love. I can make sure children don’t lose hope, even though they have very few reasons to hold onto it. I know the mansion built for me, is much great than any home I could have here.

This Christmas will you be un-selfie and make a difference in somebodies life. The last few days on a Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade pages I have witnessed an awesome act of people posting pictures of Thanksgiving dinners that they bought and want to give to help a family in need, a true act of unselfishness. What will you do to live un-selfie this Christmas? Whatever it is, whether donating to charity, baking cookies for the local firefighters, buying the meal for the car behind you at the fast food place; just do something and be un-selfie.