Blessing’s Mom, Blessing Others

Aunt Agnes and Brecka Visiting Our Children’s Homes

At Rising Star we focus a lot of time and attention on our children, but we also don’t want to forget about the families they come from. A few weeks ago we started a new registration process that will allow us to track our children’s performance in school better.

DSCN8923When one of the children’s mother came to register her son, our administrator Agnes began asking how this were at home. The woman replied that they were not going well and they were struggling. She owns a small food stand and business was slow, causing financial problems. Agnes talked to her for a little while and encouraged her to keep at it. She also invited the woman to come church with her.

The following Sunday the lady, Mama Abdu, came to church and after hearing the sermon dedicated her life to Christ. She has since been a regular attender at Sunday services. She said since that time, she has spent a lot of time reading the Bible and praying and business is picking up at her
food stand. Agnes recently delivered some clothes to her as well.

Agnes is such a blessing to our ministry, not only through her work with our children, but also their families. Agnes is easy to find on Sunday mornings as she is on the ushering team at church, welcoming people when they walk in the door. She also recently adopted a little girl.

The baby was a product of a young woman being raped. The woman, who was working as a maid, was raped by the men she worked for and became pregnant. Though she was told by many people to abort the child, she refused. After having the baby, she had bad memories every time she looked at the baby, so she gave it up for adoption and Agnes stepped in. The baby’s name is fittingly Blessing. She brings smiles every time she is brought to our center.

We are blessed to have such an amazing woman in our ministry, thank God for all she has done here and beyond.