What Are You Thankful For This Year?

Be Thankful

This is often the time of the year where things get stressful for all of us in life. Christmas is coming soon, cold weather is here, the sun sets much earlier. There is good news however, pumpkin spice everything is available? Have you seen some of the stuff their putting pumpkin spice into now? Tooth paste, coca cola, toilet paper, bologna (i’m not making this up, look here….WHAT?!? I love pumpkin spice just as much as most people, but I draw the line somewhere. Here is Uganda it’s basically unheard of anyways, so we don’t have to worry about over saturation.

When pumpkin season come though, we don’t have to be stressed out. We’re choosing to look at it as a time to be thankful. So before we get into Christmas, yes it is too early to put up your decorations, we want to know what you’re thankful for?

This month we’re asking the kids and staff at Rising Star to share what they’re thankful for. It’s amazing to see what they think of when we ask. Of course they always say things like winning soccer games, but it goes a lot deeper than that was well. Look at the photo above. Dauda is thankful for the Lord going before his mom to keep her safe as she travels to work daily. How often do we thank God for a safe commute to and from work. Usually we’re frustrated and yelling at other cars for their bad driving (I really am) instead of being thankful for arriving safely.

Think about the small things that you are thankful for this year and share them with us on our social media pages. We’ll be THANKFUL you did.