Through sickness and anxiety we choose to be thankful.

Sickness, Anxiety, Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving, my favorite day of the year. Well it used to be but now, it’s just another Thursday. It’s not the same for missionaries. Uganda doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving (though they have adapted Black Friday for some reason), though we’ve talked a lot about it at Rising Star. The people we’ve talked about it to have been thankful for us talking about it. They wish they had at least a day out of the year to reflect. I told them they are free to borrow our holiday.

Last week as I laid at home, I was as sick as I’ve been in a long time, I wished for the chance to be back in America. I’m not good at being sick, Brecka tells me all the time. I had a high fever, dehydration, and diarrhea. Who would be good at being sick with those symptoms though? I’m still trying to recover. I thought, if I was in America at least I could relax while I’m sick. Instead the phone kept going off with message from people needing my attention.

These type of days along with some good chats with our pastor here has made us realize the need for a break. Brecka and I are tired. So many friends here have pointed out to us the need for break.  Sometimes we don’t realize how much we’re doing until somebody points in out for us.

The other day I got a message from an old friend asking how things were going. I reflected at all that’s happened in our lives over the past two years and realized, there has been a lot. From break-ins, to other theft, to staff problems, to more theft, to fostering the boys and the issues with their family, funding is getting close to a breaking point.

We’ve had a lot happening. In that time, we’ve never been able to take time to ourselves and get the break we need. We’re looking forward to the possibility in January if all works out.

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I told that friend, it’s hard to believe we still think things are going well here. We do think that however. I’m trying to keep a Philipians 4:6 mindset. Being thankful and prayerful in all we do. It is amazing that we get to take our anxieties to God the father and he will lift the burden.

I am truly thankful for that this year. Whatever you have happening in your life, I pray that this verse will resonate with you this Holiday.

And just so you know, we will celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday with a few friends. It’s not the same, but we are happy to have someone to celebrate with.

Happy Thanksgiving.