Be Like Mary

Mary was a young teenage girl when an angel told her she would give birth. Unimaginable considering, she wasn’t married and was a virgin; medically impossible. Most likely scared and confused, yet willing to let the spirit of God work in her.

Being a mother is considered the most important job in the world. What about being mother to the Savior? Mary couldn’t have been ready for that. A teenager with no other children, no husband yet. She accepted the job God gave to her.

I’m not the mother to the Savior. What I do is much smaller. I am however willing to be like Mary. I’m willing to let the spirit of God move me and guide me when I’m not ready for a task He has given me. I’m willing to give myself away for His glory and His kingdom.

There are days I feel unequipped for this work. Days I feel like I would rather go back and be a TV producer like my previous life. The life I prepared for since high school. If I let the Holy Spirit move in me however, it doesn’t matter what I feel I can do, God will make a way.

Are you willing to be like Mary and do something you think you’re not equipped to do? Are you willing to let the Holy spirit move in you?

Christmas is a time to welcome our King Jesus to the world. Celebrate his birth and glorify him as our Savior. As we lead up to Christmas though, don’t forget about the lady who took on the role of His mother and how she was led by the spirit of God. Are you willing to be like Mary?