This is Israel. Last week at Bible study, we shared about how our choices honor God and impact others. Israel shared this story.

Recently when he was in the market he picked a 5,000 shillings note (about $1.35) A few feet from where he picked it up, he met a kid crying and searching. We ask the kid what was wrong, he kid said he dropped 5,000 shillings that his mama gave him to go buy food from the grocery store. Israel had planned on giving himself a treat. He asked the kid if he really dropped 5k, to which he accepted. Isreal thought if he took the money he would snack as much as he wanted, but a whole family wouldn’t have lunch and that kid was going to get spanked. So he chose to give the kid the 5k 

It seems like a small thing that Isreal would give back $1.35 that wasn’t really his, to begin with, but think of what he could have done with that money. That’s enough money to buy a whole family a meal. Isreal could have gone for ice cream, bought his self a whole lot of stuff, but he chose to give it back. That choice made sure that a family would eat and another kid wouldn’t get in trouble. 

Isreal told us that he made that decision because of the lessons he has been learning at Rising Star. Through Bible studies and soccer, he has learned to care for others and do the right thing. This little decision can turn into big decisions later in life. We’re thankful that he made the right one now and prayerful that he will continue to make good decisions as he grows