31 Days of Prayer

As we begin the new year, we’d love you to pray with us throughout the month. We will give you 31 topics. Pray each day for the one we give.

Jan 1 – Gayaza Church of Uganda Primary School: This is our partner school in Uganda. It is a government-aided school, so the kids who go to this school are some of the poorest in the community. Our partnership allows us to teach phonics to improve reading, coach the school soccer team, and share Christ. We also aid teachers and help when possible with keeping the facility in good shape.

Jan 2 – Kasangati Full Gospel Church: This is our partner church in Uganda. It is one of the few churches that put a major emphasis on children’s ministry. Though 50% of the population is 14 years or younger, many churches do not reach out to this age group. The partnership with this church gives us an opportunity to connect children to a church home.

Jan 3 – Olyvia Nakato: Our education guru who impacts the lives of over 800 kids weekly through our reading center and Bible studies.

Jan 4 – Security: This past year we were victims of theft on a couple of different occasions. Pray for us to be free of any more attacks and to have a safe place to do ministry from.

Jan 5 – Four Brothers: There are a group of brothers who have been a part of Rising Star for a number of years. Opolot, Tedeo, Ogwapit, and Wilbur all love Rising Star. Opolot, the eldest brother, has shown great promise in soccer and earned many opportunities through for higher education. The family worships at a known cult church, yet the boys get to hear and be influenced by the truth of Christ through Rising Star.

Jan 6 – Girls in Our Ministry: It is usually very easy to see boys participating in our ministry. That’s because soccer is the main draw and girls do not traditionally play sports in Uganda, especially soccer. We have been working hard to change that and make it possible for girls to play soccer and learn about Jesus as well. Pray that we can continue to find ways to make it possible.

Jan 7 – Vision: As we enter into the new year, pray that God’s vision for our ministry will be clear and that we will do everything we can to follow His vision for us.

Jan 8 – Literacy in Uganda: Our literacy program is unlike any other in Uganda and it is making a big difference. Teachers at our partner school continuously rave about the student’s progress. Pray that we can continue to have a big impact in 2020 and find even more ways to impact students. 

Jan 9 – Our Soccer Coaches: Since soccer is the main draw for many kids in the community, our soccer coaches become the first person they get to know at Rising Star. Pray for our coaches to be ready to stand in the truth and share Jesus with the kids and have to be positive role models for them.

Jan 10 – Schooling Opportunities: Soccer has a big effect on life in Uganda and it can help students get better educational opportunities. Pray that we can continue to find new opportunities to help children earn scholarships to schools.

Jan 11 – Gayaza Community: Gayaza is the town that Rising Star is located in. Pray that the name of Jesus will be lifted to the community through Rising Star. Pray that our impact doesn’t stop within Rising Star, but spreads throughout Gayaza.

Jan 12 – Parents: As most of us are parents ourselves, we understand the struggles of raising children. Pray for our fellow parents who love their children just as much as we love ours, but need a little more support to get by. Pray that we can influence them in great ways as well.