Feeding Families During Covid-19

This past week we began distributing food to our families in Uganda. Each family received enough food for 10 meals. Olyvia and Kiwa passed out vouchers for the families to pick their food at local shops.

Some of you may remember Ssuna from the trip he made 2 years ago to the US. He lives with his grandma who also takes care of several more children, many who are involved at Rising Star. She told us that lately she desperately was looking for ways to feed her grandchildren, but didn’t know how that would come. When she saw Rising Star staff coming, she was so happy and prayed a blessing on them.

This mother said her food was running out and didn’t know what was going to happen. She was improvising in any way possible to feed her family. She said Rising Star was heaven sent to help her at this time.

Others danced and shouted with joy. They have been so thankful for everything we could provide. Our staff continues to pray for each of our kids.

We still have more kids that need to be fed. Help us by donating here. $25 gives enough food for a family of 6 to eat 10 meals.