Movies That Inspire Us

Have you run out of things to watch during “Stay at Home”? We have a few suggestions on things to watch that can help connect the story of Rising Star.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind – A 13-year-old boy is thrown out of the school he loves when his family can no longer afford the fees. He sneaks into the library and learns how to build a windmill to save his village from famine.

Why we love it – The library in the movie plays a pivotal role in helping a child be inspired to do something BIG. The same hope we at Rising Star strive for. We see one of our kids doing similar big things because of their involvement.Where to watch – Netflix

The Queen of Katwe – Life is a constant struggle for 10-year-old Phiona and her family who live in Uganda. Her world changes one day when she meets a missionary who teaches children how to play chess. Phiona becomes fascinated with the game and soon becomes a top player. Her success in local competitions and tournaments opens the door to a bright future and a golden chance to escape from a life of poverty.

Why we love it – Games and/or Sports have the power to influence and challenge kids to dream big. Though it is a different game, the mission is still the same. Not seen in the movie are the Biblical teachings that go along with our program. None the less, this movie is inspiring and shows why programs like ours can help shape the future of Uganda.

Where to watch – Disney+, Amazon Video
Bonus Ideas

The Gospel of Matthew/Mark/Luke/John – Narrated in English, following the New International Version of the scripture, while the actors speak in Aramaic.

Why we love it – It is the Bible. It is a word for word reading of the NIV. The only interpretations from the creators come from the visual aspect. It is a great way to learn the Bible or experience it differently.

Where to watch – Netflix, Amazon, YouVersion