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We leave on April 1st to visit Uganda to work with staff and students. We are super excited for our own kids to go visit the place they spent growing up in. There will be a lot more than just smiles and hugs though. Here is the outline for our trip.

1. Strengthen our staff through team building and continuing education specific to their roles at Rising Star.
2. Deepen our relationship with our partner school through a teaching seminar by Brecka.
3. Replace highly outdated soccer equipment to encourage and enable the growth of our soccer outreach.
4. Be a blessing to other missionaries by providing care packages and meals from home.

We want our time of service to be a blessing to all involved. We want to continue to bless our staff to carry the ministry forward. We think the things listed above will help us reach those goals.

Your help and support is needed. Two ways to make that a possibility is through financial support, our need is for $3,000 to be raised to make that possible. The other way is through our Amazon Wishlist which contains items specifically picked by our staff for ministry use. Click the image below to shop and fill our needs. The deadline for filling our needs is March 26th.