When we started using soccer as a way to reach out to the community, we realized that we could not just have a recreational program for the kids, but needed to take soccer seriously. Every kid has a dream to become a professional soccer player. Even though the odds are small, we know this dream drives everything else they do in life. Because of that we train our players at a high level and take them to compete in tournaments throughout Uganda. This approach has also helped shape the soccer community around the country. We have pushed for better facilities, better tournaments, and better opportunities in the game.

Because soccer is so important to Ugandans, there are a lot of opportunities for kids through the game. Many schools will pay the tuition cost for kids who are talented in the game, giving relief to the families from the high cost of education. Since 2010 Rising Star has helped over 60 children earn these scholarships to both secondary and primary schools throughout the country. Some of our top players are now playing in the Uganda Premier League; after starting with us when they were as young as 10-years old.